January 17, 2018


Mastering The LSAT – Prep Unlimited  – FAQs

If  you have a question that  is  not  answered here, either email us directly or ask  the  question in the  comments  section at  the bottom of this page.

The “Mastering The LSAT – Prep Unlimited” is a new kind of LSAT program. You pay once and you are free to attend all LSAT classes, workshops, practice LSAT testing sessions and law school application seminars until October 1, 2011. It is analogous to an “LSAT Club Membership”. At the bottom of this page, we will post questions that we have been asked by telephone.  See FAQ Updates at the bottom of this page.

Q. What exactly does “Unlimited Access” mean?
A. It  means that  can start at any time during 2011 and pay once. Once you  have  paid you are free to attend any class, workshop or practice LSAT  until  October 1, 2o11.

Q. Are your courses  designed  to prepare people for  specific LSAT test dates?
A. Yes. Our courses  are  always  designed to prepare people for specific test dates. That  is  why we have courses with “official  start dates” and “official end dates”. For example the course starting on April 17 and ending on June 4 is a course for people  taking the June LSAT. All LSAT question types are taught and reinforced in our courses.

Q. I am writing the LSAT  in October.  How early may I start?
A. You can start anytime. You  can  take a break anytime. You  can pick up any time.

Q. I am currently in school. I don’t want to devote too much time to LSAT prep until  school  ends. But, do have anything that would allow me to start in a small way?

A. Yes we have “Early Bird” starts. Each “Early Bird” start is a half day session that deals with a specific topic (often “Logic Games”).  The “Early Bird”  start would allow you to begin,  pick up some course materials (including “The Official LSAT SuperPrep – this is a “must have” book), and get started. You would then begin with one of our “official course start dates”.) We have “Early Bird Starts” on March 13, March 20, or April 2.

Q. So, then when are your “official start dates” for the June 6, 2011 LSAT?

A. For the June test they are: April 17, April  30, May 7, May 14 and May 21. We will also have classes starting for the October LSAT in: June, July, August and September.

Q. How much “practice  LSAT testing” does the course  include?

A. Lots – practice LSAT testing is very important. Practice LSAT testing is available to you (and recommended) on at least  the 4  Saturdays  prior to each actual LSAT. Note  that  those who are  taking the June  LSAT  will  have the opportunity to participate in six full-length practice  LSAT testing sessions.

Q. What is  your new  “LSAT  Logic Module”?

A. It adds deep academic content. The “LSAT Logic  Module” is for the purpose  of providing you with the skills to understand how arguments are  constructed, various types of arguments, syllogisms, quantifiers, fallacies, etc. This  will take  place  during our Sunday classes from 3:30 p.m.  – 5:00 p.m. Obviously, these lessons will be  applied  to  actual  LSAT arguments and question types.

Q. Are course  materials included  in the course  fee? Yes they are included.  You are not required  to buy any additional books or materials to participate  in the course. That said, it  is common for our students  to purchase  additional LSAT exams. There is only one book that is  not  included.  This is the “Introduction To Logic” book  by Copi (which  is used for  our LSAT Logic module). We will lend you this book for  the course. We ask only that it be returned.

Q. Who is  your teacher?
A. Subject  to illness or emergency your teacher will be John Richardson. John is the author of: Law  School  Bound and Mastering The LSAT. He  is a member  of the bars  of Ontario, New York and Massachusetts. All course participants will receive a free copy of Law School Bound as part of their course fee.

Q. Where is the course taught?
A. The course is taught at St. Michael’s  College  on the downtown campus of the  University of Toronto.

Q. Are the classes on weekends or on evenings?
A. We teach our classes on weekends. We find that weekend classes are more  productive. Our course participants are better able to engage with LSAT questions during the day when they are less tired.

Q. What  are the hours of  your classes?

A. For  the most  part  our classes run from  9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. These days may include  LSAT practice testing sessions and our  LSAT Logic  course modules.
Q. In addition to LSAT  preparation, how does your course help  me  get  into law school?
A. Our Mastering The LSAT – Prep Unlimited is a complete law  admissions course. We include: personal  statement  workshops, Pre-Law Forum (we bring the law school  admissions officers  to you), Getting Into  Law School  Course, Sample LSAT class taught by a real law professor and a number of other guest  speakers.

Q. How much is the  course fee?

A.  The course fee is $884 + HST = $999.  Early enrollment is recommended.

Q. This  sounds great, but  I want a shorter  course.
A. In addition to  “Mastering The LSAT – Prep  Unlimited” we have:

– 0ne weekend Toronto LSAT courses – $420
– two weekend Toronto LSAT courses – $660
– three Sunday Toronto LSAT courses – $540
– One day LSAT Logic Games Workshop – $195

Please  visit  us at: http://www.prep.com/law/Toronto_lsatpreparationcourses.html for  full details.

Complete information  about the Mastering The LSAT – Prep  Unlimited  program is at: