January 17, 2018

Meet John Richardson

“Again, thank you for a wonderful class. You have definitely satisfied your calling. You are an amazing teacher!”

John Richardson - Wilfrid Laurier

John Richardson, LL.B., J.D. is Canada’s longest running and most experienced LSAT prep instructor and law admissions counselor.

He is the author of numerous books including: “Law School Bound” – the most comprehensive and extensive manual for getting into law school and deciding on legal careers.

He has taught and designed LSAT courses since he was a law student himself. During this period, he has taught and designed courses for  different versions of the LSAT. He is a frequent speaker for the career centres of Canadian universities and pre-law groups.  He has  organized and hosted numerous events for pre-law students including  Pre-Law Forum. His courses and seminars are based  in Toronto.  In addition, he has created and maintains a number of LSAT social media sites. John really enjoys LSAT teaching, mentoring and experiences every class as a new and unique challenge.

He is also a lawyer, with both Canadian and American law degrees, who is admitted to the bars of Ontario, New York  and Massachusetts.

John lives in Toronto, Ontario. You will find him reading newspapers in coffee shops around the city.