January 17, 2018

Application guide

“Your acceptance to law school is not a matter of luck. The road to law school is paved with the bricks of hard work and discipline. Stay on the road and acceptance to law school will be yours!”
From Mastering The LSAT – John Richardson, B.A., LL.B., J.D.

Law School Application Guide – Personal Marketing 101

But, first: The Top 10 Questions Of Pre-Law Students

Part 1 – Applying To Law School In Ontario vs. Applying To Law School Outside Of Ontario

Part 2 – Determining Your Application Category

Part 3 – The Components Of Your Law School Application File

Part 4 – Your Undergraduate Grades and Law School  Admission

Part 5 – Your LSAT Test Score

Part 6 – LSAT Writing Sample

Part 7 – Letters Of Reference For Law School

Part 8 – Law School Personal Statements

Part 9 – The OLSAS Autobiographical Sketch

Part 10 – Interviews for Law School Admission

Additional Resources:

Law School Bound – John Richardson – An incredibly comprehensive law school admissions manual

Law School Bible – Peter Loughlin – How to become a lawyer in unconventional ways

Take The Bar and Beat Me – Raymond Woodcock – This is the best account of law school I have ever read. The book is both “out of print” and is a gem. Thanks to Mr. Woodcock for allowing the book to appear on our site. Enjoy!