February 21, 2018

Part 5 – Your LSAT Score and Getting Into Law School

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There is no part of the law school application process that causes more anxiety.

Your goal is to achieve an LSAT score that is high enough so that your score will not keep you out of law school. This is a strong argument for applying to lots of schools.

Principle 4 – If you wish to attend law school in Canada – I encourage you to apply to all the Canadian schools. If you are applying to law school in the U.S. make sure that your choice of schools includes schools where your LSAT score is competitive.

Should you retake the LSAT?

Some schools average multiple LSAT scores and some take the highest. Hence, you should never allow a score to be reported (at the end of the test you have the option to cancel your score) if you are certain it does not reflect your best effort. If you find that you must do the LSAT a second (or third) time, you must be sufficiently prepared so that your score will improve. Obviously, I would recommend our courses. Here are some LSAT odds and ends that you might find helpful.

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Predictive Value Of The LSAT: On this note see the following article written and researched by a student in British Columbia. It has been reproduced here and appears on our web site with the kind permission of the author.

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Principle 5 – LSAT preparation is hard work. But, “hard work” is to the advantage of those who are willing to do the work!


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