February 21, 2018

Practice LSAT test schedules

Hello John,

The class has been great and you are an excellent teacher. This stuff can get boring in a hurry but you keep us interested for an 8-hour day.

Thanks again,


Practice LSAT Test Schedules

The LSAT is administered under very strict time constraints. Hence, practice testing, under time conditions, using real LSATs is essential.

We find that most of our students do not want every question of the test analyzed. Hence, the post test analysis is done “on line” – giving you analysis of as much or as little as you want.

Students in the Mastering The LSAT and the one weekend LSAT Prep 180 courses are permitted to attend all practice  LSAT testing sessions until October 1, 2011.  Unless otherwise specified, all practice LSAT testing sessions will begin at 9:30  a.m. The exact room will be announced during the course.

Please check back. We do intend to add more sessions in the summer and fall.

Location: University of Toronto – St. Michael’s College – Carr Hall – 100 St. Joseph St.

– Sunday May 8/11

– Sunday May 15/11

– Sunday May 29/11

– Saturday June 4/11

Additional practice LSAT testing sessions will be available in July, August and September. Check back for dates.